Nota's Interview Finally Gets The Attention It Deserves

He shares facts, throws shade and trends again.

By  | Sep 26, 2020, 12:17 PM  | Shane Eagle  | Drama

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When MacG invited Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi for a return interview, the leading South African podcast host knew exactly what he was doing and as excepted received the views he wanted.

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When MacG first interviewed Nota, it was as part of a panel of managers that were behind the biggest names in the game. However, in the past months that Nota set opposite MacG his public profile has grown, but not necessarily for the better depending on who you ask. Therefore, when Nota sat down with MacG this time around is was the axed manager and “business partner” to leading rapper, Kwesta, a disgraced social media “authority” that could not accept his Ls, and had the public endorsement of rappers that probably had shown him respect before he started sharing his commentary through tweets.   

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Recently MacG posted “Part 2” of the sit-down interview he conducted with Nota, and given that the first part was already explosive the second did not disappoint. First he tackled the matter of how AKA overshadowed K.O on his song, “Run Jozi.” This might explain why that single was the one of the last- if not the last time that AKA and rapper, K.O were on a song together.  K.O was not saved from the shade as Nota made it clear that the rapper, despite the reverence he receives his rap game is not that deep; if it is deep at all. 
But the real reason that Nota is trending is because of the digs he took at Shane Eagle.  Nota made it clear that he belives that Shane Eagle is a “wanna be J. Cole,” without the substance or cultural rooting that makes J. Cole, J. Cole. He went on to suggest that maybe the personality is doing more than hos portion in trying to dabble in to many things like his stint as a television presenter.
Shane was touched by the jabs that Nota directed his way, so much so that he went on Twitter and attempted to shade Nota by asking who he is. But the problem is that sometime even when the most disliked man on Twitter speaks facts; it is hard to deny the truth. So following his question, tweeps took to the comments section of his post to tell Shana that despite what the country might feel about Nota, there was a reason he was not wearing a cap when he said what he said. He was telling the truth.
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