L'vovo still has his eyes on Thickleeyonce

And he's very vocal about it 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | L'vovo Derrango  | Drama

Lvovo and Thick Leeyonce

L'vovo's various attempts to flirt with photographer and plus-size sensation, Thickleeyonce have been trending on the timeline, and although Thickleeyonce has publicly rejected him, he still has a big crush on her.

If you follow both personalities on social media, you would have noticed that they have been going back and forth as L'vovo publicly proposed to Thickleeyonce.

In a recent interview on Metro FM, the musician opened up about his feelings for Thickleeyonce: "It is someone that I am crushing on. We are allowed to crush...but as long as I sleep at home and stay at home..."

When asked what he would do if he was granted the opportunity to meet her, he simply responded by saying that his intentions would be to get a hug, as the purpose of having a crush was to admire.

"I think I am going to be shy because I am seeing her live but I will definitely ask for a hug," he said.

Main image credit: instagram.com/@thickleeyonce/@lvovosa