Lady Zamar Cuts Off Her Locks?

Maybe it's that "new hair, new her" era...

By  | Feb 07, 2023, 01:50 PM  | Drama

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Lady Zamar last had a musical impact back in 2019 when she released her third solo studio album titled Monarch. Since then it seems that her tarnished public image has suffered as long as the country is suffering from the after-effects of the height of the pandemic locally.

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The More and More hitmaker has not been able to release new music due to how the public still badges her over the allegations of sexual assault that she made against fellow musician Sjava. The songstress cannot go a day without being reminded of her mishaps. 

As a result, it seems that Lady Zamar has taken drastic moves to have the public’s perception change about her. 

Lady Zamar cuts off her locks? 

Taking to Twitter recently, Lady Zamar shared yet another selfie of herself. However, this time, there was one noticeable difference. The ZAlebs did not have her signature long locks. But instead, she posed with leave-out extensions. In her caption, she asked whether or not fans are feeling the look or not.
However, it will be difficult for the star to get a real reaction considering that she has blocked comments on her post. As  reported earlier: 
Singer Lady Zamar may have disabled her comments on social media but she hasn't heard the last from Sjava's fans. Following Sjava trending for a couple of days after the release of his latest album, Sjave's fans have been breathing fire down Lady Zamar's neck.

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Lady Zamar has been called all the names in the book but her disabling comments on Twitter may have given her some sort of peace of mind. But it appears even disabling comments, Lady Zamar can not seem to dodge the bullets from her ex-boyfriend's fans, Sjava.

This was seemingly the right move at the right time considering that just weeks after Sjava would release his new and highly acclaimed album Is’buko, a release which only fuelled the Lady Zamar hate train as reported before: 

Singer and songwriter Lady Zamar continues to be under fire following the release of her ex-boyfriend's newest album, Sjava. Scores of tweeps are finding more of Sjava's lyrics to different songs as cryptic digs into Lady Zamar and her past with Sjava.

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It all started when the controversial Ntsiki Mazwai showed love and support for Lady Zamar, as she has always been in her corner and defending her from the trolling. Mazwai's tweet was met with a tough crowd which happens to be Sjava's die-hard fans.

Instantly, it became a war of words while tweeps saw an opportunity to insert their two cents and raise their outrage towards Lady Zamar. Evidently, the angry and disgruntled tweets have always made it crystal clear that they are far from forgiving not forgetting what apparently Lady Zamar did to Sjava.

"No, we can't, Lady Zamar deserves everything she [is] getting, our brothers and sisters hate each other because of people like her... It's women like her that make it hard for real victims to be heard," wrote Twasa.

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