Lady Zamar On Being Told To Keep Quiet On Sexual Violations To Save Career

The singer is speaking out on sexual violations being ignored

By  | Jul 13, 2020, 12:17 PM  | Lady Zamar  | Drama

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Lady Zamar has spoken out about the effects that abuse has on a victim and as a survivor of rape, she is speaking from a point of being a victim herself.

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In several tweets, the award-winning singer spoke on how being "women in South Africa is an extreme sport". Early this year Lady Zamar alleged to have been raped by her then-boyfriend musician Sjava and claimed that the relationship was abusive.

She has since been silent on the matter but it seems some things are just to heavy to ignore, especially with social media.

"People talk a lot of ignorance on Social Media... if you’ve ever been in an abusive relationship you know what It feels like to be terrorized," wrote Lady Zamar.

The singer also addressed the power of fear and how abusers use this to their advantage.

"There are way too many abusive boyfriends, husbands, friends in this country... every single day we’re fighting gender-based violence...if it’s not that, we’re terrorizing victims for speaking out, protecting rapists or being rape apologists" tweeted the singer.

Lady Zamar also addressed how police handle cases when reported, she shared that once she reported a stalker but received a rather unpleasant response.

"I was asked if he has physically harmed me... and the police laughed coz they said unless the man had physically harm me there was nothing they could do," tweeted the singer.

The Collide hit-maker also asked tweeps to imagine being told to keep quiet because "your career depends on you not causing a scene"?

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