Mzansi Brings Lady Zamar To Her Knees

She will forever suffer for what she did to Sjava

By  | Jan 07, 2022, 09:47 AM  | Lady Zamar  | Drama

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For the longest time, Lady Zamar has been on the receiving end of a lot of hate and bullying on twitter. This follows her very messy break up with fellow musican Sjava, after she allegedly claimed that he had raped her. 

The news was of course not received well by tweeps who were divided as to whether or not Lady Zamar was actually telling the truth or had other ulterior motives.

Just when we though that the hate on her had finally come to an end, it seems tweeps have decided that she will forever suffer for her rape allegations against Sjava. 

Taking to Twitter, a tweep too to ask whose concert people would attend between Ami Faku, Simmy, Msaki and Lady Zamar’s. As you can already imagine, the comments on Lady Zamar leave absolutely nothing to be desired. 

Many have even gone as far as to ask who Lady Zamar is because after what she did to Sjava, she is no longer as relevant anymore. In fact, her songs apparently don’t slap as they used to. Tweeps have therefore gone ahead to suggest her replacements because she is not worthy enough to be on the mentioned list.

There is no denying that Black Twitter is still very bitter about this particular break up and they are not going to let it go anytime soon. Funny enough, despite all her relationship woes, she recently took to Twitter to give her fans and followers some much needed relationship advice 

The hitmaker shared that, "Relationships need communication..that doesn't mean tons of serious conversations means let's talk about dumb stuff and nonsense, maybe tom and jerry and tell me about your secret desires and freaky Friday fantasies and what stupid stuff you think about..balance," 

After the whole situation with Sjava two years ago, Zamar decided to go underground for a bit. She's reduced her social media activity to only posting motivational messages. Many continue to speculate that she could be either engaged or married now but only time will tell at this point. 

The case was never really solved fully as the court found that there was still insufficient evidence against Sjava. This is therefore definitely not going to be the last time the Cotton Candy hitmaker is going to be attacked by Sjava fans who believe that she dragged Sjava’s music career down with her.

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