Lady Zamar On Being Grateful For The Lockdown

It has changed her thinking and ignores the hate on social media.

By  | Apr 14, 2020, 08:53 AM  | Lady Zamar 

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Since the year 2019 musician Lady Zamar has been one of the most bullied celebrities on social media. This follows the rape allegations she made against former lover Sjava.

Social media was, and still remains divided over the situation with the other side supporting Sjava and the other supports Zamar.

Now, it seems as though anything Lady Zamar posts or any ideas she relays, trolls will forever find a way to victimize the Collide singer.

She took to twitter to acknowledge the fact that the trolling did get to her pre-lockdown, admitting that people's comments got to her and made her break down in tears.

Zamar says she is grateful for the COVID-19 pandemic because 'everything stopped' except her life, which made her realize that people's opinions do not matter.

"Before COVID-19 there were things I stressed about, tons of things I was constantly worried about. I was easily hurt by people’s comments and the vicious unfounded rumors that kept flying around on social media.. I would cry when I read stuff about me.. peoples opinions u see," she tweeted.

The hitmaker says her heart aches for those who lost their lives due to the deadly virus, however it has made a lot of things clearer for her.

She urges people to re-prioritize and figure out what is more important, like she has 

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