Lasizwe Dragged For Saying Teenagers Are Promiscous

He later retracted his statement and apologized for his "insensitive" and "irresponsible" tweet.

By  | Sep 08, 2020, 09:38 AM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

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TV star Lasizwe Dambuza has ruffled feathers of tweeps with his comment, on Moja Love's new show reality show Teenage Pregnancy. Lasizwe who is no stranger to receiving backlash on social media for his tweets commented about the latest episode on the show and his comment left many fuming.

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The show is centered around the live of 3 girls who are moms-to be. It follows their lives as they open up about challenges they encounter and fears of embarking on the motherhood journey. Commenting on the latest episode of the show Lasizwe accused teenagers of being promiscuous, he tweeted “This show on Moja Love called #TeenagePregnancy is so interesting bathong! Nihamba ni lala!."

Lasizwe was dragged by tweeps and he later deleted the post following backlash from tweeps. The TV star apologized after he learnt that one of the girls was raped.

In a tweet he said his tweet was insensitive and irresponsible. “Guys I realize that my foolish statement may have rubbed people the wrong within reason due to GBV, I apologize for coming across insensitive and irresponsible with that being said I retract my statement.

Lasizwe expressed how heavy his heart is and weighed-in on the Gender Based Violence issue, saying no one deserves such trauma.

"I pray she finds justice! My heart dropped as no one deserves to experience such trauma! Men are really truly trash and as society we still have a long way to go in teaching men to stop RAPING and KILLING women."

Khanyi Mbau also apologized on behalf of him. Responding to a tweep who is also a victim of rape who says not everyone sleeps around, The reality show star  offered to pay for her counselling “I am offering to pay for your counselling... DM me your details and let’s see how I can help you. I am so sorry.”

Lasizwe's tweet irked many who said he must be vigilant on what he tweets, while some accepted his apology. The TV star then went on telling girls to stop sending him their nudes.

This follows after another girl sent him a DM "Hayi ke there is this one girl who is consistent in my dms and uConvinced and persistent about her one round Shes asking for! Athi O sweedie they don’t call her “MaFinisher” for nothing ! I must give her a chance.... Please send help."

Lasizwe reminded girls that she is not interested in them but in men "To all the girls in my DMs saying I can get it and sending me ama noodles ( nudes)! Sisi mina nawe siyafana! I want the same thing you want... Stop DMing ama nudes they do entice me bathong!

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