Lasizwe Is The Latest Celeb To Start An OnlyFans

Moonchild has started a trend

By  | Feb 17, 2022, 08:18 AM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

Lasizwe Dambuza
Lasizwe Dambuza is a well rounded entertainer. From dancing (badly), to comedy, to his just-launched acting career. But he surprised fans with one we were not expecting: OnlyFans. 
The comic recently took to his Instagram stories to tell fans that he had created an OnlyFans account, and that he had already posted his first video. He asked whether they would be interested in watching, and whether he should share the link. We assume everyone said yes, if not out of interest, then at least out of curiosity, because he promised to put up a link for only a few minutes then take it down, and only those who caught it would have seen it. 

Now, as you can imagine, everyone waited with bated breath. The post notifications were turned on, because imagine coming online only to find out he already shared the link and deleted it. 
The link finally came, but it was not what we expected. Although to be fair, we probably should have expected it, because he is Lasizwe and he likes to prank people and have fun. There isn’t actually an OnlyFans account. It was just a GIF to show that it was a prank. 

We have to admit, he had us in the first half. There we were, ready to see what he would share on OnlyFans. OnlyFans is an online platform for various forms of explicit material, for those who are unfamiliar with it.
The idea was to get around content gatekeepers who benefit themselves at the expense of people who actually perform the work by bypassing them. Although the site can be used for a variety of content, including music and even movies, its most popular usage is now for various forms of sexual content, which has gotten so widespread that it is now what the site is known for.

Musician Moonchild Sanelly just recently announced that she, too, will be starting an OnlyFans page soon. She possibly has a lot of content ideas, and is ready for it to be monetized. She even gave a sneak peak of the kinds of videos fans can expect to see on her channel, and said that she would only post her content on the site, so fans will have to subscribe to see it. 

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The best thing the internet ever did was to provide avenues for creatives to explore many different ways to get paid for their content. Both Moonchild and Lasizwe have always had a bit of a wild streak in them, so this seems like a viable avenue for them – well, except for the part where Lasizwe click baited us all. 

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