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Lasizwe is confusing the enemy

By  | Apr 26, 2021, 04:46 PM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

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Influencer Lasizwe Dambuza is back in the dating scene after having his heart broken by a man he thought loved him. The YouTuber and comedian just recently "showed off" his new bae but he is getting ready to wine and dine with another.

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Lasizwe has scored himself free lunch when a man asked him out on the timeline. As a person who is open to getting back into the dating scene, Lasizwe was open to going out on the date but he had a few conditions.

The man who has requested to take Lasizwe out on a lunch date is a Tweleb, a person who is popular on Twitter. He goes by the name of Mr SMEG, but his real name is Michael Bucwa. He gained popularity by posing with his red SMEG kettle everywhere you can possibly think of.

So with that said, Lasizwe has only one condition and that is he must not bring his famous little red buddy along with him on the date, "And please don't bring your kettle to our lunch tomorrow."

Here are more of Lasizwe's demands other than the fact that Michael needs to have money:

"The terms and conditions for tomorrow:

1. Please don't bring your kettle or any appliances to our lunch
2. Dress Code is FORMAL
3. If you're LATE even by 1 minute the lunch is automatically canceled
4. And please ubeHandsome tuu...See u tomorrow @Michael_Bucwa, Regards
Lasizwe," he wrote.
Confusing right? Because recently the star showed off his bae on Instagram. Well he hid his face using an emoji but thanks to the pop corn room, we finally saw his face.

His new white bae, picked him up from a shoot. Lasizwe later uploaded an Instagram story of them looking cozy and he captioned it, "Thank you papi."

It ended in premium tears when Lasizwe's bae dribbled him. He was smitten and in love and it showed, “Honestly, I have the best boyfriend ever! I’ve been so emotional and sick these past few days and you can see shem he is really trying his best to hold my hand thru it all. I am so blessed to have him.”

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