Lerato Kganyago Makes Tebogo Thobejane Delete Instagram?

Tebogo kinds sets the record "straight"...

By  | Nov 20, 2022, 09:47 AM  | Lerato Kganyago  | Drama

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Lerato Kganyago has been the centre of some unpleasant headlines in recent weeks. The media personality, broadcaster and DJ has had terrific 2022 for the most part in terms of her career. Whether it was the fact of finally landing her own radio show, her sanitary pad line finally getting picked up by a major chainstore or the fact that she has finally released her debut single as a producer-DJ with Lasho. There was a lot in terms of her career moves which affirmed why she is believed to be a certified millionaire currently.

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However, in terms of her personal life. Kganyago has been through the ringer as an outsider looking in. First it was the revelation that she had suffered a miscarriage. One which she alleged was as a result of the stress brought on by the continuous cyberbullying from Musa Khawula and other Twitter accounts who continue to perpetuate the narrative that she is “a diluted version” of fellow media personality Bonang Matheba
But arguably the biggest and most surprising scandal for Kganyago to confront recently was the allegations that her whirlwind romance and marriage to the infamous businessman Thami Ndlala is over. The couple, who reunited in a surprising manner following the initial breakup, for the past couple of years have been Valentine’s Day goals as Kganyago has enjoyed a romantic dinner on FNB Stadium in her first year of marriage and allegedly got an entire hotel and restaurant for their second Valentines. 
Therefore, it came as a surprise when it was alleged that Kganyago had called it quits and has moved back to her own luxury home following leaving their marital home in Steyn City. While it was unclear as to what exactly was the cause of the breakup, her latest Instagram live story has left many wondering if this might be the reason that Kgyanyago has called it quits. 
Lerato Kganyago makes Tebogo Thobejane delete Instagram?
Recently, Kganyago took to Instagram to host a cryptic live. The live first spoke to the confusion that Kganyago felt when people she did not know personally spoke on her and her life as if they were friends. When the mystery voice in the background attempted to prevent Kganyago from speaking on the matter in detail, Kganyago then threw out socialite and influencer’s name Tebogo Thobejane labelling her a “vile” and “evil” human being. 
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As a result, interest was piqued as to what exactly Kganyago could be referring to as she suggested that she had recorded proof to corroborate her sentiments. But the public did not need receipts at the time as they put two-and-two together and believed that Thobejane might be the reason for her alleged separation. Moreso as Thobejane at the time was assumed to have deleted her Instagram. 
But it seems after getting notified that her name was being tarnished on the social media streets. Thobejane returned to Instagram to share her side of the story. But her official statement on the matter only seemingly made matters worse as it did not state anything of consequence except to say she has had a private telephonic conversation with Kganyago to iron out their issues. But is seems hard to believe considering that Kganyago following her Instagram Live has not confirmed the matter nor denied it. So who is wrong in Acrimony?
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