Lerato Sengadi On Why She Did Not Attend HHP's Unveiling

"I was not invited"

By  | Nov 01, 2022, 04:37 PM  | Drama

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Lerato Sengadi has clarified why she was not present at her husband Hip Hop Pantsula's (HHP) tombstone unveiling. 

Jabulani Jabu Tsambo, also known as HHP, died 24th of October 2018 and reports allege he committed suicide. He had paid lobola to PR guru Lerato Sengadi who later had to fight tooth and nail to be recognised as his wife.

She and the in-laws do not see eye to eye hence the reason she was not at the Unveiling. Taking to Twitter, Lerato slammed his family, saying they are evil for not inviting nor altering her and her family about the ceremony. 

She also said it was the first time she saw his son Leano in four years. 

“My family and I were not informed about my husband’s unveiling. I had zero say or input on his tombstone or inscription. I was not invited. Like everyone on socials, it was my first time seeing Leano in four years,” she wrote.

“Like I said, their evil and malice knows no boundaries. But Modimo le Motho see this ... and they will take action accordingly.”

Remembering him on the anniversary of his death Lerato wrote, ''Angel Of Mine. Time flies yet it also feels like it’s standing still. Every year when this day comes I choose to celebrate ur life & what you are to so many of us. Thank You to every single person who loves & still supports Jabba. His legacy is in OUR hands. Motho wa Motho… you already know what it is! Ka pelo le moya."

Lerato had always expressed how October is a bittersweet month for her because of Jabba's death. 

"'As' by Stevie Wonder says it all. October will always be bitter sweet. It is the month that the world gained me and the month I lost my world. Motho waka, Lerato la pelo yaka, I miss u every single second, of every single day... and it will be so until we are reunited. Ke go rata ka mmele, pelo le moya. (Sidebar: Nna le Motho waka were always so oulik. Tjeeerrrr! Bona fela!”.

Lerato plans on keeping his memory alive. On his 40th birthday, Lerato slaughtered a goat and made African beer in his honour to appease his ancestors. Thereafter, a celebration brunch in Jabba's honour was held by HomeComing Events.

On her 38th birthday, she expressed disbelief over reaching that age. “Today is my birthday. There was a time I didn’t think I would make it to see another one. In fact I almost didn’t see today.Motho used to always say to me “Sometimes to gain it all you have to lose it all.” Sengadi wrote.
 “When God restores, He does not take you back to the way you were before you experienced being broken. God is doper than that. God’s restoration leaves you better than you once were” Sengadi wrote.

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