Lesley Musina on his Muvhango exit ''It was about time to leave''

We thought he left because his contract wasn't renewed but it seems like Lesley had to be removed abruptly.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Lesley Musina  | Drama

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In February 2017, Muvhango had confirmed that Lesley Musina who played the role of Ndalamo on Muvhango would no longer act on the show.

In a statement confirmed by Muvhango's publicist, Amanda Ngudle, she stated that the writers of the show were not able to craft a big story for him and because he's such a prominent character, it would have been shameful to just let him float through without a gripping storyline. Hence they had to let him go.

Lesley Musina has not entirely addressed his side of the story and has mentioned that a lot of his social media followers have inquired if he would be returning to the show. In an interview on Trending SA Lesley mentioned that it was really time for him to go and even though it didn't entirely end well, he knew it was time.

"Yeah, it was about time to leave but I really appreciate the space and the opportunity that they gave me. But yeah, it wasn't pretty, I'll be honest, and it was also sort of like a bombshell. Your storyline is over and I was like 'What?' (Laughs) But anyway I don't bare any grudges I think it was really time to leave." Said the actor.

Basically, we highly doubt Lesley will be returning to Muvhango anytime soon.

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