Lillian Dube almost lost her job because of her vibrators

She had us all shook when she spoke about her bedroom toys

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Lillian Dube  | Drama

Lillian Dube on owning seven vibrators

And it seems like she is unapologetic about speaking out about her sex life even though she got in trouble with the bosses from her job.

Two months ago, the veteran actress told City Press that she had seven vibrators and applauded self-love.

In an interview with Metro FM recently, Lillian Dube said she did not own seven vibrators but only three. She also said that even if she owned seven of them it still was going to be fine with her since she uses one at a time.

"I have three but even if I had seven, it is not like I am going to use them all at the same time. Do you wear all your seven shirts at the same time?"

She also said that her comments to City Press caused her to get in trouble at her workplace with her superiors.

"Right now, I nearly lost my job, I won't say which company, because they were not happy with this thing but I said, 'I am not going to keep quiet because you are entitled to sex and we have men that we love whose men switch has gone down'. Do you go next door?" she told Metro FM.

Moreover, TV host Thomas Mlambo a few weeks ago was left with no words when he interviewed   Lillian Dube and she said it was important for men to suck titties.

"I encourage men to suck those titties and I encourage women... is it embarrassing? You don't suck a titty? What do you suck? You must suck something?"

However, that comment came with a very valid point. 

Lillian Dube has a mission to enlighten men and women about the importance of self-breast-examination in order to help spot any cancerous lumps on a woman's breast. And what better way to practice that exam than by sucking on your woman's breasts?

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