Prince Kaybee Delivers Producer Challenge Prize

The winners couldn't contain their excitement

By  | Sep 25, 2020, 10:43 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Top of The

He may always be entangled in a Twar with other celebrities and causing drama on the Twitter streets but one thing is certain, Prince Kaybee loves making music and helping upcoming artists or in this case producers. After launching a successful Project Hope campaign, which culminates into an album that is a collaboration of some of South Africa’s best unsigned female singers, the DJ launched yet another successful one afterwards.

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He Tweeted about his excitement at finally being able to deliver the grand prize for the Producer Challenge and Tweeted.

"I’m so excited about tomorrow I’m delivering the laptop that @NativeHouse_SA won. He reminds me of myself alot, I checked his equipment in his video, he starts regardless of his circumstances. I scheduled some nice things for him tomorrow, maybe lunch and a producer talk."

Five days ago Prince Kaybee shared on Twitter that he would be giving away a laptop that he used to produce all of his house music albums and that the winner would receive the laptop with all the songs that he has worked on

"Bafe2 alot of you were complaining that there is no opportunities for producers. Well I’m giving away my laptop that produced all my albums up to date, each and every song! This laptop has everything that I have used. Here is what you need to do. #ProducerChallenge,"
Well, he has definitely lived up to his word because the lucky winners got just what was promised today and his followers had no reason but to stan the DJ/producer.
"This is good of you my brother @PrinceKaybee_SA  thanks for that it's like you talking to me already thanks a lot to you @PrinceKaybee_SA and efforts recognised @NativeHouse_SA good thing for this industry guys big ups #motivated"

"One artist actually giving back to the community from where I'm sitting"

"How can i not be your fan really kodwa awudeleli go! Well done Kabadin"

Some ungrateful fans started making ridiculous demands about the DJ doing more than just gifting a laptop but also upgrading the winners sound system, while others Tweeted that they suspected Prince Kaybee might have installed spying software on the laptop in order to steal the artists work.

Luckily for a majority of us, we know that the DJ's heart is in a good place and that he is one of the few in the entertainment industry to open doors for others. May he continue his good work.

Main Image Credit: Prince Kaybee Instagram