Linda Mtoba Addresses Mental Health

"Mental health is a real health issue..."

By  | Mar 13, 2021, 10:35 AM  | Linda Mtoba   | Drama

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Actress and mother of one, Linda Mtoba who is often loved and appreciated by her followers for discussing real issue in society recently discussed her thoughts on mental health.

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The River actress tweeted: “Mental health is a real health issue and the older I get the more I see and understand what a monster it is.”

Her tweet which got more than 2k reactions on social media sparked a debate amongst her followers from how the disease is perceived by the black society, the expenses behind to how it affects your mental well-being.

The actress also mentioned how she’s realised the seriousness of it as she gotten older and that it needs to be taken more seriously and be seen for the monster it really is.

Here were some reactions from her followers on the issue:

"It truly is a monster and one should count themselves blessed when they start realizing that one’s mental health is deteriorating to seek help in time and take some time out as if it’s not an issue on it’s on."

"Coupled to how expensive it costs just to keep one sane enough to see the next day. It’s March and already my medical aid is exhausted. Meaning next time I see my psychologist and psychiatrist will be next year."

"That Khabzela storyline from The River was an eye opener for me, it’s the need to escape immense emotional/psychological pain and not knowing how...the drugs and alcohol providing only a temp solution."
"And its so misunderstood and not given enough attention especially in the black society."

Mtoba also previously trended when she highlighted the falseness of Instagram and warned her followers to not buy into lifestyle of Instagram.

She tweeted a series of tweets which read:  “We get so consumed with what we see on IG that we think it’s a real representation of the life and the lives people lead. When, in actual fact, not many afford the many things we take for granted.

“Reality is not every second person has a LV bag or Dior shoe or Hermès bag in the way IG will make it seem; that's a very teeny tiny percentage of the world. And it’s OK to not have those things. Take all the time you need in life.

“Look around you and do a real-life assessment, how many people do you know actually have those things? Are we so detached from reality?”

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