No Pictures Please!

Linda Mtoba doesn't want people taking pictures of her baby.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Linda Mtoba  | Drama

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Linda Mtoba is down for people greeting and fawning over her newborn baby girl, (she is a friendly baby after all). But what she will not tolerate is those aiming to take pictures of her little one. #StopThat.

The 28 year old actress looks forward to travelling with her baby daughter, however there are some individuals who always manage to ruin her mood!

The mother of one, wrote a concise and short post on social media - where she advised everyone to refrain from hoping to catch an opportunity to steal a picture of her daughter.

A lot of celebrity moms are becoming more comfortable sharing pictures and full names for all to see on social media but for Linda, she's on the opposite in this regard.

Upon giving birth Linda Mtoba hit back at highly inquisitive social media users who kept hounding her to publicly announce her daughter's name.

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@lindamtoba
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