A look at our favourite verses from Pro aka Pro Kid

When it comes to lyrics Pro was one of the best without a doubt.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Linda “ProKid" Mkhize  | Drama

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The news of Pro Kid's passing has sent a shockwave throughout the local hip-hop fraternity. As hip-hop lovers and South Africans as a whole pay their respects to one of the best South African rappers to ever do it, we look back at some of our favourite verses from Pro aka Linda Mkhize.

When you speak about the best MCs to rap in vernacular, Pro was most probably in your top five list.

Since he stepped into the game, Pro consistently blew minds away with his crafty metaphors and creative punchlines.

You honestly cannot listen to a Pro song without shrieking out an, ‘ooh’ or an ‘aaah’, somewhere in the middle of his song.

Pro used to give us the most obscure comparisons and it would still make sense.

Here are our favourite lines from the rapper:


Soweto was Pro's first single from his debut album Heads & Tales. In this song, we absolutely loved his wordplay on the All Stars Converse shoe, and how he totally flipped the script.

We Mic Perfomers, the South Western rulers/The same people you lied to will be my consumers/

Hand you over to All-Stars so keep your Converse/I was ill back then but now I’ve gone worse.

Pro 2

Uthini Ngo Pro

This entire song has some killer punchlines, choosing the best verse proved to be challenging as Pro gave his all in every verse. Here are our favourite parts from verse one and two:

Verse 1

..Just that your script don’t have the character so now you can act me/

You never have the gift so how the f*** can you can wrap me/

I got big pimps all up in my face like acne/

Ngiyaba-squeeza and watch them bleed, my foes exactly/ 

Verse 2

Borrow mommy’s car at least once a week on a Friday/

Uhlega ama-hustlers when you see them in a Hyundai/

Mangik’bona I’m like b*** you not street you driveway/

Celebs react to news of Pro Kid's passing


Just when we thought Pro had schooled us with the punchlines, he then released some of his best work to date. Sekele is a rap song that was inundated with soccer term references. When Pro released this record, we're sure a couple of rappers went back to the drawing board to work on their lyrical delivery. Pro won the Hip Hop PSL league with this one.

Here are our favourite punchlines from the song:

Verse 1

Mic check 1, 2, 3 rounds ne 4/5 (mic check,1,2, 3 rounds with my 4-5. 4/5 is a slang word for penis, referencing his sexual prowess and how he can go on for several rounds)

Ngýabona bayang’ robber mang’ check’ iscore line (I see they cheating me when I check the score line)

Bang’ sabotage batheng’ ureferee but it’s alright, (They sabotaging me, bribing the referee, but it’s alright)

Sinama lines man, ak’phakam’ iflag, ba offside (We got lines man, raise the flag, they’re offside)

We'd probably spend the entire day deciphering Pro's dope verses, but we'll leave it up to you to let us know your favourite verse from the P.R.O.

It's also quite ironic that just this week, Uzalo had played one of his hit tracks - Bumpa. Little did we know that a few days later people would be sending out their condolences to the Mkhize family. 

Rest in peace PRO and thank you for the music.

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