Linda Sibiya battles it out with UKhozi FM

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Linda Sibiya  | Drama

In breaking news it has come to ZAlebs' attention that “Mr Magic” “Linda Sibiya had no knowledge as to who terminated his contract - the SABC or uKhoziF.M. 

During a highly anticipated press conference, Isolezwa reported that Linda also had no knowledge of the charges laid against him.

Because of his alleged unfair dismissal, Sibiya has decided to fight fire with fire by bringing not only his union (The Communications Workers Union of Kwa Zulu Natal), but also his legal team to the press conference.

According to the union an employee needs to be notified at least 48 hours before his dismissal, whereas with this case neither uKhozi FM nor the SABC (whoever is at fault) gave Linda five hours' notice.  Isolezwe also reported that the letter of dismissal sent to Sibya had the SABC’s letterhead but the signature was from uKhozi F.M's manager.

Thami Mzileni, a spokesperson from the union, was quoted as saying, "We as the Communications Workers Union of Kwa Zulu Natal will stand by Linda Sibiya. We will escalate this matter to a national level" 

Fans of the popular radio DJ have taken to Twitter to express their desire to have Sibiya back at the station, or to have him fairly compensated for his "unjust" dismissal. Have a look below to see what people are saying about Mr Magic. Do you think his dismissal was unfair?