Introducing: Lioness!

The Namibian rapper making history with Boity.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Lioness  | Drama

Last week, Boity dropped another fire verse for Coke Studio and her fans already have it on repeat. But she isn't alone on the track! The song is Coke Studio's first all female rap song. Boity teams up with Nazizi from Kenya and Lioness from Namibia.

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Even though Namibia is right next door, we don't get to meet a lot of musicians from our neighbours. Especially not a female rapper. We spoke to Lioness about her experience shooting in South Africa!

ZAlebs (Z) : Looking back at when you entered Coke Studio, why was it important to enter as a female rapper from Namibia? Is the show still relevant? 
Lioness(L) : I absolutely think it's still relevant and will be necessary to grow the female artist community, so that we too are able to dominate with our male counterparts. The trip definitely helped me grow as an artist and business woman because I now see what the international market requires in order for me to succeed. 
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Z: How was it reuniting with Boity and Nazizi in South Africa for the music video shoot?

L: We saw each other back in December, but stayed in contact with each other. Seeing what they achieved in their respective countries after Coke studio was just heart-warming. We were like sisters with a lot of stories to catch up on! 

Z:  What were some of your best memories from set? 

L: Just being there with the girls in a different setting. Seeing them on the set made me so happy especially Nazizi and she is like my older sister, I ask her about everything and she gives me so much knowledge. Boity is like the chilled sister. She is so cool and so funny, we are total geeks and dorks and we joke about the silliest things. And seeing her again was so pleasant. Another memory was that they were so appreciative of my music and my personality. For some of them it was the first time they met a Namibian so that was cool. 

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Main image credit: Supplied, Lioness