Lizelle Tabane dismisses reality show reports

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Lizelle Tabane  | Drama

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Teko Modise's fiance Lizelle Tabane has rubbished reports that she will be starring in a reality show that a lot of publications have been punting. It was recently reported that Lizelle and the soccer player's ex-wife will be co-starring in a show titled Diski Divas. I have to admit, I thought the concept was bizarre to start off with, why would you want to be on a TV show with your man's ex?

M-Net is reportedly preparing to launch the show in April. The Diski Divas will follow the lives of local soccer wives and girlfriends.

Lizelle took to Instagram to set the record straight. She wrote: "This is utter rubbish! I don't usually address stories written about me in the media, cause they all lies anyway, but this just angers me the most! My man & I are NOT in anyway part of this show."

Lizelle, who was clearly angry, said people were using false advertising to promote their show.

She also went in on journalists. "Most journalists are lazy cause they write stories from their so called 'sources' without any investigation or facts for that matter. They just take a story without even consulting me for my side of the story & run with it anyway. Just to set the record straight regarding this particular show, I'm NOT desperate for fame to degrade myself to that level of "co-starring" alongside a certain person!!"

Yoh! She's really upset. She even dished out some advice to TV networks. She wrote: "I believe there's better channels I can use if I wanted any publicity, doing so with dignity & respect. Please respect us as a couple & Stop dragging our names through the mud unnecessarily just to sell papers or promote your projects. Now that's my side of the story & since most publications rely on Insta feeds to generate stories, that's my story & I'm sticking to it."

Yoh! That was quite a mouthful. Lizelle is not one to be messed with, that's for sure. Thanks for clearing the air, Lizelle.

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