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It's the third baby for them

By  | Jan 14, 2021, 04:49 PM  | Loyiso Bala  | Drama

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Gospel artist Loyiso Bala and his wife Jen are expecting their third child.

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Look at Jennifer's announcement post below:

His brother Divorcé; Zwai Bala might have kept the matter of his love-life away from the public following breaking the hearts of the nation when he split from ex-wife, Melanie Bala, but baby-daddy has clearly moved on.

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Zwai shook the street when he took to Instagram to announce that he is soon to be a father of three, and his new born will be with a mystery woman that he has kept away from the public eye. Well, that is until now.  He shared the news the news with a caption that suggested the name of the unborn baby. The caption read, “uMzi Wandile,” which is as translates to the name Mwandile. The revelation of the suggested name also reveals the supposed gender of the little one as a boy. 

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uMzi Wandile.

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The matter of the mother of the child remains a mystery. Zwai made it clear that he is not about the share the identity of the woman set to bare his third born child, by not evening tagging the good sis on the post. Zwai has kept the identity and woman, who should be given her credit at least as an Instagram wife, completely secret.  Going through his Instagram profile, there is only one other post about the woman and even then, Zwai did not think to tag the good sis. 

The member of kwaito-legendary group, TKZee, is already a father of two. Zwai’s first two children are with his first wife, Melanie Bala. The two were together for 17 seventeen years and married for ten of those years. At the height of their public profiles Melanie was hosting the biggest music show in the Africa, and Zwai was part of the hottest kwaito boy-band. The two were the early 2000s IT-couple.  Moreover, before they announced their divorce in 2017 with a joint statement, they were considered couple goals for how long they lasted together. 

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While we could have wondered how Melanie is taking the news of her ex-husband having another child; the sis has used her Instagram profile to showcase that she is only flourishing going forward. The star has recently been spoiling herself to weekend getaways. However, with some of her latest posts, it seems that Mama Mel also has a love interest in her life that she is not just yet sharing with the world. But it is clear that Stella-is-definitely-getting-her-groove-back, and we love to see it for her.

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This is one of the hardest sequences for me, that I do in my #yoga practise because it involves everything!! Arms, legs, core, flexibility and an IT band stretch! I have more flexibility on my right hand side, not sure why that is (but I’m working on it). 🤔🥴 Sharing because I’m not where I want to be with it yet, but progress over perfection, and that’s important to acknowledge. 🧘🏽‍♀️ 🕉 #strongnotskinny #yogi #yoga #yogisofinstagram #yogisofcolor [The iliotibial tract/IT band is a multipurpose tendon that runs down the length of the outer thigh, from the top of the pelvis to the shin bone. It connects the hip flexor and gluteus maximus to the outside of the tibia. The IT band is responsible for keeping your hips and knees stable. Source: yoga]

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