Zwai Bala Owes R2M In Tax Debt

Zwai & other ZAlebs who didn't pay their taxes

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Add Former TKZee group member, now turned musical director Zwai Bala to a host of ZAlebs who 'forgot' or thought musicians were excluded from paying the taxman.

According to IOL, Zwai Bala told a group of aspiring artists at a masterclass he was pursued by SARS for owing them more than R2 million because he had never been told that as a musician he had to pay taxes.

Hmmm...Did SARS buy this excuse?

The star said, he ended up being in debt to the tune of R2.5m in accumulated taxes, “Simply because no one had shown me how to register with SARS or to make regular contributions as I earned”.

It sounds like a heavy lesson to learn but Zwai is definitely not the only ZAleb who wasn't given a memo on the SARS requirement. 

Here are a few who made the list of forgetfuls:
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Remember when TBO Touch was going through hell week? After being fired from Metro FM, within the same week he was under investigation from SARS.
SARS allegedly notified the DJ of its intentions to investigate his financial affairs, including those of his foundation, Touchlives.

SARS said that they had reason to believe that the former Metro FM host had been dodging his tax.

Both AKA and Cassper had run into issues with SARS. Who knew that these two had so much in common despite their rumuored dislike for one another.
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Cassper's most treasured possession Family Tree Media had been taken to the cleaners as it had allegedly accumulated a whopping 3,6 million in unpaid income tax. 

SARS then obtained a warrant of execution which served as a threat, in order to seize the company's assets and sell them in order to raise the owed amount.

And AKA, also allegedly owed SARS more than R350 000. Reports have stated that AKA ignored a final letter of demand sent to him back in August 2019 to make the payment or face the consequences.

Hopefully, they have all learnt their lesson and will be keeping a safe distance from the taxman- because the taxman obviously doesn't play around.

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