Generations actress busted for shoplifting

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Maggie Benedict  | Drama

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Credit: Daily Sun

A couple of hours ago Daily Sun confirmed that Maggie Benedict who played the role of “Akhona” on Generations was arrested for shoplifting an item so measly it even had us bowing our heads down in shame.  According to the newspaper, Maggie stole a packet of Panado tablets. Panados? really Maggie?

The 32 year old actress, seen here being escorted by the police, was detained shortly after the incident at Cresta Mall in Randburg.  A case has been opened against Maggie at the nearby Linden police station.  OVER PANADO. 

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ZAlebs recalls seeing Maggie at the Kanye West Castle-Lite Sub-Zero Experience concert earlier on in the year. Although we were all unimpressed with Kanye’s two hour late arrival, we stuck around for the main event. Maggie and her crew were so irritated by the rapper that they immediately left the concert without seeing the main performance.  The anger on her face was so intense she was two seconds away from transforming into the incredible Hulk.

It’s quite unfortunate that she’s found herself in such a situation considering how authorities can become quite intolerant around this time of the year.  We wonder if this marks the end of Maggie’s acting career, usually celebrities who’ve been involved in such petty crimes have difficulties coming back into the scene.  Does anyone remember the last time Winona Ryder acted in a ground-breaking movie after her shoplifting incident? Exactly.

Were you surprised to hear about Maggie's shoplifting incident? 

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