Major League DJz Dragged For Ruining Amapiano

They need to pick a genre already

By  | Jan 14, 2022, 10:30 AM  | Major League DJz  | Drama

Image of Major League DJz
The Major League DJz are undoubtedly great at what they do. But their constant change of genre is now getting slammed. 

The twins recently posted a video of them dancing to their new song Bakwa Lah. Although the song was released in December 2021, it is yet to hit across the country. But looking at the comments the twins are receiving, it's not hard to see why. 

Entertainment blogger Musa Khawula shared the video of the guys, saying that they had introduced a new dance challenge, the Bakwa Lah challenge. Tweeps immediately responded to let them know that this song wasn't all that they thought it would be. 

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Some tweeps feel like they are generally tired of every artist in Mzansi trying to cash in on the Amapiano wave. There are too many new Amapiano songs, and they are just about saturated with the genre. 

Others have come directly for the Major League DJz, asking them why they feel the need to switch genres so frequently. So far, they have done Kwaito, House and hip hop, and now they have moved to Amapiano. One fan even said that if Gospel music were to suddenly hit across Mzansi, they would certainly switch to that too. But they were defended too, by a fan who thinks they should not be afraid to chase the bag, whichever route will get them there. 

Unfortunately for the duo, some tweeps have been more brutal, and have completely cancelled the song. They think that the duo is the group that will finally cause the genre to fall. Tweeps are slamming them for "ruining Amapiano". 

It's tough to understand why the duo is having such a tough time with fans at home, and especially why they are facing Amapiano backlash. Just a few months ago they were touring the UK, where they received a lot of love. At the time, they were praised for "taking Amapiano to the world". How fickle the adoration turned out to be! 

But the rants of a few people on social media may be the least of their problems, as the two of them are reported to be in crushing debt to the South African Reserve Bank (SARS). As Sunday World reported, the two have not been paying their taxes for a while now, and owe SARS just under R9 million. Woah! 
The two did not respond to the reports, and have been keeping a low profile. But if they are indeed in trouble with the law, perhaps it is time to square up before it gets truly ugly? I mean, they have been making it big abroad, so why not? 

Perhaps they may also be advised to find their sound and better it rather than jumping around. Look at Black Coffee for reference. And maybe Vusi Nova may benefit from the same advice. You know what they say about a rolling stone, right? It gathers no moss. 

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