Major League's motivational message backfires

They never expected it 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Major League  | Drama

Major League's fake-deep motivational drag backfires

This past weekend saw the Major League DJs catch Comrades Marathon fever along with most of the country but what was intended to be a motivational post quickly backfired on the twins when people turned their own question on them. 

Major League's fake-deep motivational drag backfires

The pair (because we have no idea whether Major or League is responsible for the tweet) tweeted a picture of a one-legged runner with the caption "Your excuse? #Comrade2018"

The timeline wasted no time in making sure the twins come correct by insinuating that despite the fact that there are two of them, they still aren't making major moves. Pun intended.

Yikes, we bet they never expected that. They were dragged so thoroughly all they could do was claim hate. 

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