Makgotso Monyemokathoe on being bullied

Makgotso M reflects on her life and her journey as an actress.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Makgotso M  | Drama

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Makgotso M is one actress who always gets the most controversial roles on leading movies, drama series and soapies, and although fans have not been able to demarcate between her character on television to her real character, Magotso says that she has learned to embrace it.

In a recent interview on Afternoon express, Makgotso reflected on her life talking about being bullied after moving to England and being bullied on social media as a star.

“It was actually very traumatising for me when I first moved to England, I got picked on and I got bullied at school, after a while I got used to life in England, but I’ve always wanted to come back home,” she said.

The actress went on to add that when she had finally decided to pursue drama, she thought of coming back home saying:

“Everything outside of school, I did drama and when I wanted to pursue it as an actual career I wanted to start here in South Africa…”

Makgotso Monyemorathoe

Makgotso got her degree in drama and moved to South Africa in 2014 where she had to grow up fast and waited a whole two years to get her big break after getting her first job on Ayanda the movie.

I really had to grow up quite quickly...for the first two years, it was really hard, I auditioned all the time and I got nothing, to the point where I was like, is there something wrong with me, maybe I’m not that talented.

Makgotso Monyemorathoe

Mokgotso went on to share that being bullied growing up and experiencing the hardships of not getting picked at auditions were not the toughest times as social media played the biggest role.

“You have to go into auditions knowing you can’t take it personal, it’s not just about your talent, there’s a whole bunch of things that go into castings, you just have to literally develop thick skin because if you think the audition room is hard, wait till you get on Twitter.”

The actress says that she got picked on a lot on social media after she got her role as Kamogelo on Muvhango.

‘After I got on Muvhango, a lot of people picked on me” however she says that she chooses to think it’s because she is doing something right “...when people hate you, it’s a good thing I guess I’m doing something right”

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