Makhadzi To Get In The Boxing Ring

She’s been wanting to fight this girl

By  | May 26, 2021, 02:01 PM  | Makhadzi  | Drama

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Yesterday Cassper caused a stir on Twitter after posting about the need for more celebrity boxing matches in South Africa. His tweets triggered Prince Kaybee as well as Big Xhosa who both promised to teach Mufasa a lesson in the boxing ring.

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Today, an unlikely contender (Makhadzi), also expressed her desire to take part in these matches. She asked her fans if it’s only males who are allowed to take part in these matches or can females also take part as she’s been yearning to teach a certain someone a hard lesson.

“So is this boxing Boxing glove for males only or what? .. I have this 1 girl I need her on boxing ring before I can drop new songs. Good morning”

Some tweeps quickly started speculating that it could be Boity as she got a SAMA nomination – which some people felt she didn’t deserve – while Makhadzi got snubbed for the second year running.

Responding to some of the tweets, the hitmaker told her followers to stop calling her a man and that the only males she could challenge are King Monada and Jerusalema (We’re assuming it’s Master KG).

"Do you see me? Are you seeing a man? So stop saying I must fight with man Man the only man I can challenge is @monada and Jerusalema .#CelebrityBoxing"

After assuring his fans that he would be teaching Big Xhosa a lesson he’d never forget in the boxing ring he then started gunning for his long-standing rival Prince Kaybee.

“I been tweeting about #CelebrityBoxing since last night and the fights people would want to see. A lot of people are saying me and Princess Kaybee. I know he likes talking big shit but I don't think he has the guts to get in the ring with me. If he is game, I'm definitely game.”

Kaybee did not take well to Mufasa’s insults and told him to bring it on. He even went as far as saying he’d beat him up for free.

“I don’t even want money, In fact, I’m gonna donate all that stash. All I want is that short MF nxa...”

From his tweets, it was very clear that Prince Kaybee was not joking.“I hope and pray to GOD this is not another PR STUNT, so help me God. Enough talking, see you in the ring mate.”

He later confirmed that he did receive an email from Cassper’s management.

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Main Picture Credit: Makadzi Instagram Account
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