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A little progress is something always worth rejoicing over especially if it happens in the music industry. Recently video sharing app called Tik Tok reached an agreement with Southern African Music Rights Organisation (Samro) to pay Mzansi artists royalties every time their music is used on the app.

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Now, seeing that Master KG's Jerusalema has over 1 billion streams on the app, it is only fair that he as well as other musicians whose songs are being used on the platform get remunerated for their genius work. Master KG announced this wonderful milestone on Twitter, “’Jerusalema’’ Has Over A Billion Views On Tik Tok Alone Damm Bro This Song Doesn't Wanna Stop!!!!! THIS is Freaking Amazing!”.

The licensing agreement will see not only the artists but the songwriters, composers as well as music publishers getting paid royalties. All 6 million Tik Tok users in the country will be contributing to making these figures' pockets very deep.

Not only did Jerusalema reach popularity on YouTube and other big apps, with the help of the #JerusalemaChallenge, it also became an internet sensation seeing how people on the Tik Tok app share videos with the song.

These royalties will be paid to registered users, via an association called Composers Authors and Publishers Association (Capasso).

Business Insider, Wiseman Ngubo, CEO of Capasso announced this wonderful news, “We are happy to have reached an agreement with TikTok in order to ensure that pan African songwriters are taken care of on the platform. With the increasing spotlight on African music, more African songwriters are poised to reach global superstar status and TikTok will play a major role in showcasing their talents to the world.”

Wiseman also revealed how the royalties will be calculated, “Streaming royalty calculations are not based on a fixed rate per stream, rather they are based on what is termed a pro rata share of the available pool. This means, in essence, royalties are determined by one’s market share, as determined by usage, in each period.

This is a step in the right direction seeing how Master KG has been disheartened by big companies using Jerusalema for their own personal gains. Warner International, his recording company sent out invoices to companies in Germany who used the song to advertise their music.

Eye Witness News spoke to Open Mic Productions lawyer Dumisani Motsamai,

"I saw brands where you would see a drone showing a view of a company yard, then you will see their workshop, they dish out products, they make sure they give you a picture of every product they sell. The song is playing in the background, and because it is playing in the background, now I have an interest in seeing what this particular company is doing," he told the publication.

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