Mandla Hlatshwayo killed in the same fashion as his father

Mandla Hlatshwayo's father was also killed during a shooting a couple of years ago.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Mandla Hlatshwayo  | Drama

Mandla H

Actor and Jozi FM DJ, Mandla Hlatshwayo and Chom-Chom have been hailed as heroes after the men were shot dead whilst trying to help two women who were being robbed in Soweto.

As close family and friends try to come to terms with the sudden death of Mandla and a man by the name of Chom-Chom, Jozi FM's CEO, Mpho Mhlongo spoke to 702 to further explain what had occurred during Mandla's final moments.

Mpho mentioned that upon his arrival at the pub, he saw Mandla's lifeless body on the ground with no shoes on.

"To what I've gathered so far, I got a call last night that Mandla had been shot and that I needed to rush to a pub in Pimville, Zone 3.  

Upon my arrival, his lifeless body was just laying there. The paramedics then arrived and attended to him and declared that he had passed on."

Many reports have mentioned that Mandla was shot alongside his friend, but Mpho clarified that the man wasn't exactly Mandla's friend but a man by the name of Chom-Chom who was well known around the area. Chom-Chom and Mandla were both trying to help the women who were being robbed outside the pub.

Mpho further explained that Mandla was at the pub for a meeting with the pub owner to discuss plans around an event they were preparing for. 

Since the early hours of this morning, Mpho has been with Mandla's mother and the rest of the family.  What is sad is that Mandla was killed the same way his father had been killed, according to Mpho, Mandla's father was also shot dead during a robbery many years ago, the killers robbed Mandla's father for his cell phone. 

Mandla's mother is said to be distraught at the passing of her son, especially considering that her son was killed in the same manner in which her husband was killed.

The robbers only took Mandla's shoes his car and his other belongings still remained at the crime scene.

Rest in peace Mandla Hlatshwayo and Chom-Chom.

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