Maps Maponyane Married? Tweeps React

Say what now?

By  | Dec 31, 2021, 10:02 AM  | Maps Maponyane  | Drama

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This year has seen many of our celebs from Zalebville find love and others experience a love that went sour. What has caught Mzansi by surprise however is after media personality Maps Maponyane, introduced to us his, โ€œMrs Bunsโ€ 

Taking to his twitter, Maps, posted a photo of him and the ever stunning Pamela Mtanga saying that Mr and Mrs. Buns have finally been reunited. The tweet of course has caused an uproar in the comment section, with many asking only but one question, โ€œWhen did Maps get married?โ€

And while it is unclear whether or not he is serious about Pamela Mtanga being his Mrs Buns, one thing is for sure, no one saw this coming. It seems though that while others stay stunned, others are advising Maps to just find a girl and get married because their girlfriends are crushing hard on Maps.

This is not the first time Maps is being linked to someone. This time however, it seems he is the one linking himself to Pamela Mtanga. Tweeps have gone ahead to ask him if this is Nomzamoโ€™s replacement after their very bitter break up back in 2018. There is no denying that this tweet has confused many if not all.

Was it not just the other day when Maps led Mzansi to believe that he and Kim Kardashian were a couple? Tweeps have gone ahead to demand an answer from Maps, wanting to know whether his dating rumours with Kim were just a stunt. Now we all know this was just a stunt, but seriously though, canโ€™t Maps just pick one girl and make it official already?

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The tweet is also very fishy to tweeps especially because many have been led to believe that Maps decided to post the photo barely hours after Boity and Anton photo of their first public kiss was posted. But wait, arenโ€™t Maps and Boity just friends? Surely he is not jealous of his bestieโ€™s new found love is he?

And while many of his fans are happy at this news saying that the two would make a lovely couple, others are still recalling how it was still the Buns Out owner who was linked to Sho Madjozi not too long ago? 

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The two had been spotted in the same location, with many wondering as to whether the two were secretly dating and were on a baecation. Are we sure that this is also just another stunt from Maps?

Because, if it wasnโ€™t, Boity, and still wasnโ€™t Nomzamo or even Kim Kardashian, are we really looking at the official Mrs. Buns? 

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