Kim Kardashian Gives Ayanda Thabethe Her Stamp Of Approval

Good sis wins Halloween again!

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Ayanda Thabethe might one of the most talented television personalities out there currently, but the face of Ponds is slowly carving her space as the Queen of South African Halloween. And South Africans can spend a day and half wondering if it is appropriate to celebrate, or they could just enjoy the looks the our fave Zalebs have served this weekend.

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The former “Top Billing” personality decided to collaborate with popular, bespoke fashion house, Cinnel, for her Halloween look. Together, the managed to recreate a look of not just one popular, internationally recognized personality, but three different looks. Granted, the three personalities front one of the biggest collective brands in the world, but the point is Ayanda served.

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The look Ayanda opted to pay homage to was the Kardashian sisters promotional look from their KKW Diamond Fragrance collection. Back in September 2020, a short video accompanied with promotional snaps featuring the three sisters speaking about the inspiration behind their individual scents. Taking inspiration from that content, let us just say that Ms Thabethe served as Kardashian clan wholesomeness.
Not only did South Ahh approve, but it seems that the look got so much attention that even Kim Kardashian-West could not believe the attention to detail by Ayanda and her team. Kim went as far as reposting the video and images on her Twitter account. Moreover, she shared the looks on her Instagram stories too. And to put into perspective what it means when one of the most followed people in the world shares your post, think about what it would mean when the possibility of 191 million Instagrammers possibly seeing you slay.
This is not the first time that Ayanda took Halloween and run away with it. In 2019, she again made it clear that the crown for South African Halloween best looks will most probably belong to her was when she served as Beyoncé. The star replicated Beyoncé’s iconic look from the Lion King European premiere. Granted, the star already looks like the Queen of the Beyhive, but in that look she made it clear that they could have been separated at birth. 

With all these looks, now Ayanda will be the most sought after Halloween look for 2021. If she has provided Beyoncé and Kardashian clan stella looks these past two years, we can only wait  with baited breath to see what she manages to pull out next year; maybe a Rihanna homage? 

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