Master KG And Makhadzi Trolled!

Social media was having a field day with the couples' picture!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Master KG  | Drama

A few days ago, we learnt of a new hot Limpopo power couple that have numerous hit songs under their belts.

Master KG and Makhadzi have come out confirming their 2 year romance and had Mzansi excited. Just think about all the good music that awaits the dance floors.

The Jerusalema hit-maker had people all excited when he revealed that he and Makhadzi are working on an album together. With all the excitement making its rounds came a whole mountain of trolling especially over the couple's looks. 

People all over social media have made fun of both their looks. Especially looking at the fact that Master KG was not in his signature appearance of wearing a cap and shades, and how Makhadzi was not wearing any make-up.

On Facebook, Master KG joined in on the fun and laughed the bullying off by acting 'embarrassed' at the fact that it is the first time people get to see him without a cap on.

People came to both their defense, saying the mean tweets are nothing more than cyber bullying. They warned that it could trigger a person's self-esteem, seeing how mean and distasteful the comments were. 

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