Master KG Claims He Is Not An Opportunist

Makhadzi's fans accuse him of exploiting Makhadzi

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Ever since rumours of a rekindled romance between Master KG and Makhadzi made rounds, he has been labelled an opportunist. Mostly because people are convinced that Master KG's success was largely because of Jerusalema. Now that the hype has seemingly died down, trolls think he wants Makhadzi back because her career is on an upward trajectory and has many hits.

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Master KG has been on Makhadzi's fans bad books shortly after dating rumours gained traction. This after she signed a R120 million deal with Kicks Sportswear SA and has gained many hits in 2021 alone.

Fans think just because she is at the top, he wants her back and they are not having it.

Just recently he referred to her as his wife on two separate occasions and this left a bitter taste on people's mouths. In one instance, Master KG told one of Makhadzi's back up dancers Limpopo Boy to beware because they engaged in a challenge which saw him kicking Makhadzi out of the plane.

In another one, Master KG called her his wife and kissed her on stage during their performance.

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He ignored all the negative comments back then but he has now
responded to some of them. "I think Master KG is an opportunist, he first dumped Makhadzi so he can travel the world alone, now that Makhadzi is making it his back even calling her his wife," said the troll and Master KG clapped back and said he is reaching.

Another one said, “I was shocked when KG was going to Makhadzi gigs to ‘support her’. Makhadzi is more popular now. Gets more bookings. Has more followers on FB. That was an attempt by KG to revive his waning career. shine your light with Akon flopped. Money giveaways on twitter didn’t help.”

But delivered a heated clapback which he has since deleted. He said he is getting a lot of money and that people should put some respect on his name. It read, “You don't know sh** my guy only if you knew how much money I get/got you wouldn’t be talking this sh**..and that song that you say flopped there's no song in SA in 2021 that can match its streaming numbers…y'all should stop this sh** now.”

He then laughed at another troll who teased both of them by saying men should go back to their exes when they glow up.

The Shine Your Light hitmaker said he will be dealing with haters decisively this year.

Makhadzi was recently embroiled in a cheating scandal with Babes Wodumo's husband Mampintsha. Babes promised to throw hands at Makhadzi if she does not stay away from her man Mampintsha. Makhadzi then accused Babes of acting very weirdly in studio because Mampintsha apparently kept eyeing her when they were recording a song together.

At first on Twitter Makhadzi said this was a stunt but she grew tired of the hate so she went on Facebook live and tore into Babes Wodumo.

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“I’m telling you, Babes Wodumo, that you never cared about what happened to your studio. I never told anyone about this except my boyfriend. I told him you were fighting for your boyfriend not to look at me, and that it’s something I cannot control. I came to your studio to work, and wanted Mampintsha to put a verse. But when I arrived, you didn’t want me to record. Instead, you fought with Mampintsha in front of everyone. You told him you had discovered me before him. You told me your problems and right now, I’m not even going to disclose that information.

“You were acting up, pouring alcohol on computers and couldn’t even control yourself in front of visitors. I had to wait because I wanted to work. Your man, Mampintsha, was following me around and it is not my problem. Your man loves women and you must deal with him, not me,” said a very angry Makhadzi.

“I don’t know where he got my number from, and when he sends a text message I don’t even reply. But today you’re tarnishing my name. Please stop. I didn’t take your man and I don’t go around taking people’s boyfriends.

“You have problems with your man and you were beating him up in front of us. You fought with him for just looking at me. I kept this as a secret because I respect you, but since you are looking for attention you come up with an allegation that I’m sleeping with your man. I have my own boyfriend and I am not cheap like that. So please respect me. Don’t go around tarnishing my name.”

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