Makhadzi Finally Claps Back At Babes

Babes accused her of having an affair with Mampintsha

By  | Dec 28, 2021, 01:24 PM  | Makhadzi  | Drama

Makhadzi and Babes Wodumo
Gqom artist and choreographer Babes Wodumo recently attacked Makhadzi on social media, saying that the Zwivhuya hit maker was after her man, Mampintsha Shimora. She then came back to say the two were actually having an affair, and although Makhadzi let the first attack slide, this time she has hit back. 
Of late, Babes Wodumo has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons, making Mzansi worry about her. But the worst yet was when she had something of a meltdown online and started a rant with multiple targets. 
She cussed at her mother-in-law, and said that Mampintsha’s family did not want her. She then turned her focus to Makhadzi with a barrage of insults, calling her stinky and saying that she has no future. All of this, Mzansi found ironic, because Makhadzi’s career has hit ultimate highs this year, while Babes seems to be falling off the scene. 

Now, after letting it slide the first time, Makhadzi is finally done with Babes. She went on her Twitter to retaliate in a move that has split Mzansi in two. The African Queen, after trending online for hours, finally left her response in a tweet.
But her response was in Venda, which left many non-Venda speakers confused for a while, until some kind followers translated it. 

Once again, Mzansi is torn on whom to support. They think that even though Makhadzi was defending herself, she went too low by going after Mampintsha like that. They think she should have kept her target on the one who came after her, and that she did not need to insult Mampintsha. 

However, others believe that she had every right to stand up for herself however she chooses to. They think Mampintsha could have helped salvage the situation before the second episode, by simply talking to Babes, but he didn’t, which makes them both fair game. 
The Kokovha star has since come forth to say it was embarrassing for her boyfriend to see that she was trending because of another man. She further questioned why Babes would use her name for a publicity stunt. Even so, she says she forgave Babes already. With that, she went right back to promoting her music and asking her fans to vote for her, like the unbothered queen she is.

But some of Makhadzi’s fans caught a confession in Makhadzi’s statement: that she has a boyfriend, which has now turned the attention onto that. Who is Makhadzi’s boyfriend? Everybody wants to know. 

There has long been speculation that she and Master KG got back together, even to the point that the Jerusalema crooner was accused of trying to take advantage of her now that she is rich. And although the two of them have been spotted together on multiple occasions, and made social media posts that had everyone convinced of their relationship, they are yet to come out and publicly confirm it. 
Either way, we can only imagine the headache that Babes’ accusations gave Makhadzi. It is great that she is finally standing up for herself, as she often stays quiet in the face of bullying. For now, we wait to hear what Babes, and indeed Mampintsha, will have to say about her clap back. 
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