Master KG Reveals His Real Age

DJ age is a thing now...

By  | Feb 03, 2021, 08:42 AM  | Master KG  | Drama

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Jerusalema hitmaker, Master KG is trending again for his age as tweeps are still in disbelief that he’s 25 this year.

The musician who turned 25 years three days ago tweeted a few hours ago: “Okay guys I was kidding I’m 35 years old ne batho baka.”

But it seems like his tweet was a joke, judging by the laughing emojis and the timing of the tweet.

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These were some reactions from his tweet:

“Your real age suits you Master. So young, handsome, successful and very talented. You have archived a lot in 25yrs yet someone who is 35yrs is at level 0 compared to you”

“Happy birthday, whatever your age! And may your years ahead be even more successful than those behind you.”

“Le 96 kele 96”

“Akere that's what they want to hear”

"Reality is you are indeed 25 master and bahlali here made you change your mind about your age kumnandi'ekhaya." 

His fans are now wondering if just telling them what they want to hear or if he’s really ten year older than he is. 

Last year the internationally acclaimed musician shocked his followers and left them in disbelief after revealing his age.

It all started when a tweep tweeted: “So humble for his age. There are grown men acting like kids, I’m shook.”

Then another tweep asked the musician how old he is, to which Master KG responded that he is 24 years old.

While some fans thought the DJ was using his DJ age, others congratulated him and were in awe of young, humble and mature Master KG is for achieving international success at such a young age.

According to Wikipedia: “Master KG, whose real name is Kgaogelo Moagi, was born on 31 January 1996 in Limpopo.”

Yet despite this information being available on Wikipedia, social media users are still refusing to believe that he is really 25 years old.

These were the reactions from that tweet:
“Hawu, I thought you're in your 30s.”

“Hayibo master are you sure that you are not using football age.”

This is what the musician said about his age: “A lot of people are surprised by my age, some people think I am 30. It’s maybe the way I look, maybe also they see all the blessings from God and the perception that success comes at a later age. People think things happen when you older but to be honest, not sure why this is.”
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