Metro FM respond to open letter

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Drama

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Earlier this week day a disgruntled listener of Metro FM’s morning show The 1st Avenue wrote an open letter directed at co-presenter Unathi Msengana. The letter quickly went viral on social networking sites and caught the attention of the station’s management who've finally decided to release an official statement about the incident. 

In the statement, which was also posted via social networking sites, the station promises to look at the concerns of the listener and requests that the public give them time to look at the matter professionally.
Here's what they had to say: 
An open letter addressed to the host of METRO FM’s First Avenue breakfast show Unathi Msengana has been doing the rounds on social Networks and this particular letter is now in the possession of the station. It is written by a clearly disgruntled listener of the show and we as a Station hold the contents of the letter in high esteem. Each and every listener of any of our Show’s on METRO FM is respected and appreciated by the station, hence our stance.
We would like to request that the public at large, our audiences as well as the media allow us as the Station’s Management
to investigate the strongly worded letter and the contents thereof accordingly. Over and above that allow us the time
to engage our presenter Unathi Msengana on her views and outlook in the matter at hand, after which we will make our
findings as a Station known accordingly. We trust that our request will be viewed favorably.
What do you make of the whole ordeal? 
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