Boyfriend Ordered To Take Back Wife's Range Rover He Gave To Mihlali

"Mihlali is too young for this"

By  | Mar 14, 2023, 12:02 PM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Drama

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Social media is abuzz following reports from Sunday World which suggest that Mihlali's boyfriend, was ordered by the court to give his wife, her Range Rover Autobiography back. He had apparently gifted the car to Mihlali.

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Mihlali continues being a hot topic but for all the wrong reasons. Her relationship with a businessman has once again taken centre stage. Her name got splashed all over the tabloids regarding his separation with his estranged wife who both were not named for certain reasons.

The publication got a hold of alleged court papers by the said wife of the businessman who accused her husband of giving Mihlali the pricy vehicle which she uses to transport herself to work as well as their kids to school.

“As stated elsewhere in this affidavit, the Range Rover Autobiography that was given to me as a gift was snatched away from me by (name withheld) and given to his girlfriend to use. He actually vindictively took my car away from me and gave it to Ndamase to use, and I do not have a vehicle to use,” the said wife was quoted stating.

The court reportedly ordered the husband to give back the vehicle, “The respondent is to return the Range Rover Autobiography (2020 Model) to the applicant within two days from date of this order.”

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Tweeps stay dragging Mihlali for filth:

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Leeroy is Mihlali's current boyfriend and they recently celebrated their 1-year anniversary. He had defended Mihlali from trolls before. In a statement he said, 

“The constant harassment she receives, instigated by my estranged wife’s associates is unbearable and quite frankly not safe for anyone’s mental wellbeing,” he said. “She is a self-sufficient woman, who has astutely run her business which does not deserve this kind of hateful intrusion upon her life and work.

“I can no longer turn a blind eye to the effect cyberbullying has had on her. The constant defaming of those who work in the public space has to stop,” he wrote.

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