Is Mihlali “ Hot Topic” Subbing Mary-Jane?

Or is she just looking to trend?

By  | Feb 28, 2023, 07:18 PM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Drama

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Mihali “Hot Topic” Ndamase is a name that is accustomed to topping the trends list whether it is for good or bad reasons, it seems that the beauty will do anything to see herself living up to her self-proclaimed name. Therefore, as Musa Khawula has moved on from his constant badgering and almost obsessive infatuation with her. It seems that Ndamase is now looking to create her own trends by taking jabs at the woman her man left her for.

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Mihlali, Leeroy and Mary-Jane

For the better part of 2022, it has been hard to disassociate the name Mihlali Ndamase with estranged couple Leroy and Mary-Jane Sidambe. First it was the scandal of Ndamase allegedly stealthing Leeroy from Mary-Jane. 

However, after that bone was sucked dry by the public as they scrutinised Ndamse, Leeroy would step in to set the record straight. This was after it was alleged that Mary-Jane was actually the one who was wrong in Acrimony, as it is believed not that she was the first to cheat on Leeroy. Upon finding out, Leeroy separated from Mary-Jane and happened to meet and start a relationship with Ndamase. 

Is Mihlali “ Hot Topic” subbing Mary-Jane?
After months of being headline news, we would have believed that Hot Topic would be enough of trending due to her relationship and affiliation with Mary-Jane. But Ndamase continues to prove us wrong. First, it was with her return to YouTube vlog, which showcased the awkward moment of Ndamse and Mary-Jane bumping into each other at the hair studio ahead of the Vodacom Durban July.  A scene which has given rise to Ndamse’s latest viral meme. 
But it was her latest tweet that had many tweeps wondering if Ndamase enjoys taking jabs at Mary-Jane. It all started on Friday, 16 September 2022. Ndamase and Leeroy decided to spend the day together in Cape Town. Ndamase filled us in during every eventful moment of the day, whether it was through her tweets or Instagram stories, even going live during their lunch date where she was being served champagne by Leeroy. 
After spending the day and night drinking the most expensive champagne available. It seemed that in her moments of being hung over, Ndamase thought, “let me gloat about my men,” with a tweet many believed was a dig at Mary-Jane. 
But Ndamase paid no attention to the trolling in the comments section. What she did pay attention to was tweets from her fan base suggesting that she has found the one with Leeroy. 
A sentiment which supports the ongoing speculation that Ndamse is currently engaged, if not traditionally married, to Leeroy. 
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Another point of interest is that Ndamase seems to have mended bridges with friend and socialite Bobby Blanco. This is after the two had unfollowed each other when it was suggested that Blanco was behind leaking the then breaking story of Ndamase and Leeroy’s relationship. But now it seems the two have mended things and Blanco has proved himself as a loyal and true friend to Ndamase. 

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