Editor's Di-Section: Karabo Mothibi's open letter

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Minnie Dlamini  | Drama

Editor's Di-Section: Karabo Mothibi's open letter

ZAlebs editor, Tinashe Venge will bring you his new section entitled "Editor's Di-Section" where he picks a controversial/popular topic at the time, and breaks it down while voicing his opinion. Today, he discusses twitter user Karabo Mothibi's open letter to media personality, Minnie Dlamini.

If you were on Twitter this morning; you'll have read all about Karabo Mothibi's open letter to Minnie Dlamini. It seems the open letter is the new medium of choice between celebrities and high profile figures. Not many people are entirely sure why and how this trend is becoming so big, but all we can do is accept that it’s now a thing.

So back to Karabo’s letter.

It’s passionate and emotional, but is it appropriate? Nobody is taking away from the fact that Karabo is entitiled to his own opinion, and we live in a country in which he is allowed to express himself openly.

As entertaining as the letter is for the man on the street, you have to wonder; could these words not have been saved for behind-the-scenes discussions? I don’t think there’s too much of a difference in effort between sending publishing a letter online, and sending it by email.

This is neither an open letter, nor an attack at Karabo, but just a question: What does an open letter achieve, other than gaining attention? Instead of being about addressing issues, it comes across as an immature plea for fans and followers to rally behind “The Mean (or Minn?) Person who unfollowed you on twitter”

The one line that gets me the most is:


"And to top it all off you had the audacity to RETWEET the tweet,instead of politely REPLYING to it."


We’re only a few hashtags away from a playground fight, and I think our local celebrities should have more dignity than this.


This is not an attack on Karabo; a person who has achieved far more than I, and a man for whom I have plenty of respect. But he’s the latest example in a long line of pointless open letters that achieve nothing more than airing dirty laundry. The South African public deserves better ‘entertainment’ than this.

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