Has Mohale Found The One? Tweeps React

Rumors of him being on baecation intensify

By  | Jan 07, 2022, 09:09 AM  | Mohale Motaung  | Drama

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The bitter break up between Mohale Motaung and his estranged husband, Somizi Mhlongo is one that still continues to make headlines in the streets of Mzansi. Ever since the two broke up, Mzansi was quite literally split into two, with many not quite sure whose side to take  anymore.

What seems to pique the interest of fans however, is how each of them is moving on in their individual romantic lives, more so to see if they will pick a much better partner.

Just recently, Mohale took to his Instagram to post a photo of him going on vacation. This came barely a few hours after Mzansi had uncovered who Somizi had been allegedly dating and although Mohale had mentioned that he was all about catching flights and not feelings, there is no denying that word of Somizi’s new bae had reached him.

Now to think that Mohale being on vacation would be the only thing we would have to be interested in, tweeps have now uncovered that he is actually on vacation with Dr Tshepo , who they have been rumored to be dating already on more than one occasion. 

Now that Mohale is on vacation in Durban, tweeps are now convinced more than ever that he will be with Dr Tshepo who lives in Durban. Which will not be the first time the two have been rumoured to be on vacation together.

The news which was broke by entertainment blogger Musa Khawula on Twitter has not sat too well with tweeps who let’s just say have grown tired of Mohale. According to them, he is just going to do the same thing he did to Somizi, “loot his money” and leave him high and dry. 

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If you can recall, ever since Mohale and Somizi broke up, Mzansi was convinced that Mohale was a gold digger and that he was only with Somizi because of his money. Now it seems, whether true or not, it seems tweeps will keep bringing it up no matter who Mohale is linked to.

Guess it is safe to say that their breakup opened one big can of worms because even after Mohale had claimed that Somizi had once been allegedly violent in the relationship, he always seems to be the one receiving all the hate and backlash for being the root cause of their break up.

As for now however, we await to see whether Mohale and Tshepo will make a formal confirmation or denial on whether or not they are in a relationship. 

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