Somizi Dating From Mohale's Backyard?

It really be your own people

By  | Jan 05, 2022, 01:25 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Relationships

Somizi and Mohale
Both Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung have been single since their marriage ended in flames some time back. But now as rumours emerge that the choreographer is possibly in a new relationship, tweeps are shocked as he seems to have started things with someone from his estranged husband’s past. 

Entertainment blogger Musa Khawula recently shared news that Somizi is allegedly in a new relationship, as he was caught locking lips with a new man at Ayepyep Lifestyle Lounge. 
As the rumoured new bae’s name was exposed – Lindile Mbadu, most of Mzansi was confused, as they had never heard of him. Everybody wanted to know who he is, while others accused Somizi of having a pattern of picking up random young unknown men who would probably be intimidated by his fame and fortune. 
But Musa came through with a follow-up, and it is a doozy. Apparently, Somizi’s rumoured new bae is the ex-boyfriend of Mohale’s best friend. If you didn’t catch that, read the tweet below. 

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It seems as though the two may have met at Somizi and Mohale’s wedding, which would be heartbreaking. Social media users are wondering whether the two had scoped each other out at the wedding, leaving Mohale and Alan (his best friend and Lindile’s ex boyfriend) none the wiser. 

However, others have seen the saga in a different light. They think that Mohale is pulling the strings behind the scenes, and is not as innocent as we may want to paint him. 
The media personality has long been accused of using Somizi to get rich and famous. He is often dragged online on suspicion that he orchestrated his whole relationship with Somizi, since he was an unknown when they met, and is not a central public figure in the country. 

Now that someone Mohale has known for some time is dating Somizi, the celebrity chef’s fans think it signals the second part of Mohale’s plan to bamboozle Somizi. 
They have called it part two of the heist, and are warning Somizi against marrying Lindile too. They believe that all three of them – Mohale, Lindile and Alan – are part of a crew that is dedicated to robbing Somizi blind. 

Mohale has never really responded to Somizi’s fans who consider him a gold digger. He keeps his head down and minds his business. But the trolls keep coming after him. It got so bad that his sister finally snapped and came to his defense, asking them to lay off her brother. As you can imagine, that did not go too well for her either. 
It does seem like quite the betrayal for Somizi to be dating from Mohale’s friend group. But for now we still don’t know how Mohale feels about it. 

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