Mohale About To Ruin Your Christmas

"You are on your own"

By  | Nov 30, 2021, 04:27 PM  | Mohale Motaung  | Drama

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Not so long ago Mohale Motaung was topping Mzansi’s twitter trends after he shared a life threatening incident that happened to him. And while it is still unclear why anyone would want to harm the media personality, Mzansi is glad that he is coping well.

Just recently, the radio presenter has once again set the internet ablaze after he posed a challenge to his fans and followers for the month of December. The reaction he has gotten from tweeps is definitely not one he had expected. Looks like Mohale is all on his own.

In the tweet, Mohale is basically giving his fans a health challenge for December, that mainly involves, eating healthy, avoiding alcohol as well as sleeping before 10pm. Just in case you haven’t had a good laugh, then you should definitely check out the reactions that tweeps are sending to Mohale.

For tweeps, the overall sentiment is that this challenge should be postponed till January because no way are they going to stay a whole December without alcohol. And I mean can you blame them? Isn’t December supposed to be the month people get their party on? Here are other reactions from tweeps.

If you can remember, beauty influencer and socialite Mihlali Ndamase had also pulled off this stunt not so long ago. Remember how that went? No way Mzansi is about to quit drinking just because Mohale, or like before, Mihlali says so. Well, there are those who would but most of them definitely wouldn’t.

It seems that Mohale is always facing backlash from tweeps and trolls alike. It was just the other day that he was accused of being too desperate for attention, and not only that, Mohale was also trolled for stealing Somizi’s ideas and using them as his own.

That however, has not stopped him from living his life to the fullest. The media personality has been taking vacations and giving his fans a snippet of how well life seems to be treating him. Not so long ago, he went on vacation and dumped our timelines with photos of his hot bod, with many of his fans saying that he was giving Somgaga a taste of what he is missing out on. 

Still fans continue to await to see who Mohale’s new bae will be seeing that he and Somizi have been separated for quite a while now. While the two of them were serving us major couple goals way back when they were still together, their current rift has quite literally split Mzansi in two. Only time will tell at this point. 

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