Mohale Slams "Transphobic Jokes" About Vuyo

The actor was accused of having an affair with a trans woman

By  | Nov 29, 2021, 04:57 PM  | Mohale Motaung  | Drama

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The team from Podcast And Chill On MacG are known for their insightful and raunchy interviews which always trend. MacG might be the star of the show but Sol Phenduka is known and loved for his legendary jokes and punchlines. But when he made a joke about Vuyo Dabula, whilst discussing his alleged extra marital affairs rumours with a transgender woman, he got slammed by Mohale who found them distasteful.

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Whether Demi The Doll, the woman who outed Vuyo and his alleged sexual preferences, did it for clout or she felt disrespected and compelled to out him, she gained more followers over night and a few praises from the podcast and chill team.

Sol Phenduka did what he did best which was dropping some fire punchlines and they did not land with Mohale.

"Shame man that it had to happen to Vuyo, he's an amazing guy. I saw him last week at Oakland Park. Yeah, he likes riding beautiful transies," joked Sol. For context, transies means cars and in this case Sol was making reference to transgender women (trans.)

Then they praised Demi and said she is gorgeous and MacG said if he saw her at 3AM in the morning he would also make a move. He also seemed a bit too sceptical to believe she is transgender.

Sol saw this as a another opportunity to joke about the two of them when he said, "yes she outed Vuyo, but she is not an outie (guy)."

Whilst other people crowned Sol as a legend, Mohale did not see the reason to.

Vuyo Dabula silenced trolls and removed his comments section on Instagram from posts from weeks ago. People flocked his latest social media posts to relay a few offensive words towards Vuyo. Instagrammers made comments questioning Vuyo's sexuality and so did the homophobes come in their numbers as well. Vuyo silenced all these people by turning off his Instagram comments section off.

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On her IG live with The Popcorn Room, Demi said, "I found him stalking my Instagram, twice, he was watching my story and I saw blue ticks and I thought he was cute and whatever," she said.

"He said he is a single father, and you must know I do not watch Generations... And the thing is I did not even know he had a wife...Is he married, why is there no information about his wife?"

"You guys need to know that these men are trans chasers," she said.

"Then we went to his house for the second time, but I don't wanna say it because it is really embarrassing," she teased.

She then revealed that she would have never slept with Vuyo had she known he is married.

“But if we being real, if day one he told me he has a wife I wouldn’t of slept with him. Like sleeping with married men will mess up your luck real fast and I did suspect it but my dumb a** believed him anyway.”

“What’s so funny is y’all acting like he my first celebrity and I couldn’t wait to tell y’all. No he did me dirty and I did it back. I could give the rest of the names but they genuinely cool guys and they made s*** clear from the beginning,” she wrote.

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