Mohale Blasts Abusers

He is lashing out

By  | May 10, 2021, 05:31 PM  | Mohale Motaung  | Drama

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Mohale Motaung is one of the few celebrities who has allegedly expressed his opinions on the AKA and Nellie Tembe saga. This after two videos and pictures were leaked all over the internet of Nellie in a very disturbing state.

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Sunday Twitter delivered again after News24 leaked images of AKA breaking down a wooden door with his bare hands. The door was in a room where Nellie had apparently been hiding at. 

The incident allegedly took place in his Bryston home on 13 March this year.

Allegedly reacting to the video, Mohale he said the following: "Abusers and making it look like you are the crazy one when they know exactly what they do to you behind closed doors."
How ever some seem to think this tweet is directed as his estranged husband Somizi.

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