Moja Love's #AmaBishop Has Mzansi Startled

Famous pastors are getting exposed for being corrupt

By  | Mar 15, 2021, 01:35 PM  | Nimrod Nkosi  | Drama

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Moja Love has earned its title for being controversial and it is living up to its name. Their recently launched show Ama Bishop has caused a stir on social media ever since it’s debut and continues to do so every Sunday. 
Moja Love is a 100% black owned television channel, and it is owned by a 100% black owned media company called Siyaya Media Network. It also caters for the black community to some extent with some raunchy and controversial content, but also a handful of educational shows too.   
AmaBishop is for some a breath of fresh air following their usual raunchy content as it is an eye opener for many. Hosted by the talented actor Nimrod Nkosi, it first appeared in our screens on the 7th of March and on the first episode tensions rose. Appearing on the premier was Pastor Mboro, Pastor Enoch Phiri, Bishop Maponga, and Reverend Tebogo Moema. 

On last nights episode, a woman with an aching heart told her story and had Mzansi reaching for the tissues. Her name is Sihle, and she exposed a few of the famous pastors for taking advantage of women, young and old. As a victim herself, the 35-year-old had eyes drenched with tears, which eventually flowed.

Her very own mother, who is also a pastor, is still with the same church which took advantage of her. She revealed that her very own mother sold her home to one of the pastors, and they are both left homeless.

Whilst Sihle was under the "church spell", she revealed that they had all their cellphones taken away from them, in order to cut all communication from family and friends. "Your cellphones are taken away from you meaning you can't have communication with your family and the outside world. you are told that you have to be preserved," she revealed.

She then exposed famous pastors like Bushiri who allegedly take advantage of people, saying they use powerful 'tools' to hinder with a person's psychological form, to make it impossible for them to differentiate between right and wrong. "Whatever they use plays with your psychological self, that you can no longer tell between real and fake. So you do not know what's happening until you come out from it."

Social media reacted with anger but also proud for sharing her story:

"So proud of this woman for speaking up about these infamous pastors who use young girls as a sacrifice in the dark world. There’s a horrifying YouTube video of her exposing the famous Nigerian prophet and it’s so scary

"This is too much. Bathong Phillip Banda. I’m still shocked with all this revelations. South Africa is just a play ground for everyone. Watching Sihle just breaks me.

"Can we please get State security to protect Sihle please? I have a feeling that after this episode, her life is in danger.

Watch the trailer of the show below:

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