Rejection Is A B****, Even For Mome Mahlangu

'I'm on my third reality television show'

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Mome Mahlangu  | Drama

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The entertainment industry is no easy industry and Mome Mahlangu can tell you first hand why it has been difficult for her to break into.

Mome recently came out and told, how strenuous but rewarding the journey has been.

The reality TV star turned entrepreneur looked back on some of the times the industry rejected her ideas and didn't blink twice.

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"I know there's no job that's guaranteed for you in this industry. My first show was meant to have four seasons, but we found out at the end of the second season that the other two seasons were canned. How we found out was ridiculous, actually. I was jobless and couldn't go back to the job I had before."

"It's funny because the same thing happened with the second reality show, Mo Love. It was just canned when we were meant to have a third season. There was no good reason the show was cancelled. The industry has a way of killing one's passion, because if you can't feed yourself off of your passion, how will you keep on?" she told Timeslive.

But despite the multiple rejections she has faced by the industry, she has still managed to make some moves on the DL.
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She says that she could have easily been one of those entertainers who just vanished into thin air but she is making a comeback in a major way.

"But now, here I am with the third reality show. I don't really know what their reasoning was and I've learnt  I don't care. I will say, however, that the rejection and ill -treatment came with a lot of lessons that helped me to understand this industry for what it is. Especially because I'm raising children who are talented as well."
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We're glad that Mome's perseverance is never deterred and besides- what a great way to inspire other female creatives who need a push to continue their journey.

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