Moneoa Opens Up More On Her Life With Phiwa

“I was depressed these past three years”

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Songstress Moneoa topped the trends list last week when she opened up for the first time about her relationship woes with now ex Phiwa Maphanga. The singer alleged that she had been abused by Maphanga and even took to Instagram to air out all their problems.

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Moneoa spoke in detail about her alleged abuse ordeal, but recently opened up to TshisaLive about how her being depressed affected her family.

“I was depressed these past three years, I haven't been OK in a very long time, like I was depressed. I don't like to say it but I was suicidal and this has put my family through so much strain because there isn't nothing that they haven't tried to help me and none of the attempts worked.

"They would sit and watch me cry myself to sleep and sink into my own oblivion and they literally watched me deteriorate and there was nothing they could do about it. It was like watching a house burn with all the belongings in it and there's nothing you can do, you just have to sit there and let it burn.

“It was horrible, it was horrible for me to go through that. It was horrible for my family to witness, for like a good year-and-a-half after we broke up. I was still holding on to the memory of what we were and everything we've built in the two years we were together because I was so fixated in the love that he expressed for me and I thought it was a love that could stand the test of time, whereas for him it was a phase and he got what he wanted,” she told the publication.

According to Moneoa, she had tried numerous times to protect Phiwa but she reached a point where she could not do so anymore.

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Moneoa revealed the many times she could have exposed her alleged abuser but she always thought he would change. She said she is a part of many gender based violence movement but chose to keep her silence.

“I kept my mouth shut. There are so many opportunities I've had and those are the things that he knew.”

Following Moneoa's expose, Phiwa broke his silence on the matter and told his side of the story. In an affidavit seen by City Press, Phiwa said these allegations had a negative effect on him and his family as he has a new born baby.

“Moneoa Moshesh is an ex-girlfriend whom I met in 2017. Our relationship was terminated in 2018. We were together affectionately for a period of a year. During the course of our relationship, I was the subject of physical abuse and emotional blackmail.”

“As a newlywed and a man with a newborn baby, I feel extremely vulnerable, as I am uncertain of the extent to which the threats could be acted on. I have been giving her money throughout the course of our break-up, as she would claim that if I don’t give her money, she would ensure I am in harm’s way.”

“This has resulted in my life being in physical danger. I have received threats [on] digital platforms [from Moshesh-Sowazi’s supporters] claiming that they will find me and my family. I would therefore request that I be given a protection order on an urgent basis on the premise that I am getting death threats from social media owing to her recent posts.”

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