"I'll post my bum until you stop being shocked."- Moonchild Sanelly

Moonchild loves her bum and she's not afraid to show it!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Moonchild Sanelly  | Drama

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Moonchild Sanelly is one free-spirited artist who is not afraid to love her body (or booty) out loud!

The blue-haired dancer once caused a stir on social media when she declared a #MoonchildChallenge inspired by her booty in twerk mode.

For those who missed that wave of regular social media challenges, you can read up more about it over here: SA Women Will Not Join The #MoonchildChallenge

A few days ago, Moonchild took to Twitter to show her fans and followers yet another exotic experiment with her beloved booty. She shared a short clip of her booty getting drenched in Yogi Sip.

The taste of HAZELNUT, find your voice and own your drip, boo beams!!!
#kultureCafe That @yogisipsa drip #MOONCHILDCHALLENGE syabangena nge calcium," she captioned the clip.

Yogi Sip definitely got the right lady to make their brand trend.  Moonchild sure knows how to pull out all the stops!

The PE-born artist went on to let everybody know that she's not about to quit posting her bum anytime soon.

"Also ...I’ll post my bum until u stop being shocked coz ... it’s my comfort! I love no clothes so deal with it!" she tweeted.

Many of her followers were extremely pleased by  Moonchild's commitment. One particular follower expressed his love for the way the blue-haired dancer is just so comfortable in her skin.

"We love how comfortable you are with your body, from a straight guys point [of] view I think [it's] time to appreciate women as differently shaped as they are, and stop looking at them as sexual beings," the gentle brother wrote.

And while on the subject of booty,  Moonchild dropped an announcement that she will be opening for Erykah Badu in Brazil next month.

Erykah Badu actually has a song titled "Booty", did you know?

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