Mosa Kaiser has been in the game for a while now

She might be a new face to some, but Mosa has BEEN doing this whole entertainment thing for years

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Mosa Kaiser  | Drama

Mosa Kaizer

Her bubbly personality, intelligence and style have caught the attention of many South Africans after she auditioned for the Presenter Search on 3 competition. And we're quite thrilled that the majority of the public is now starting to take notice of this young lady's hard work.

With her new role as Expresso’s field presenter, Mosa is gradually becoming a household name in the South African entertainment industry.

But for Mosa to get where she is at this stage of her entertainment career, it has taken a whole lot of hard work.

Mosa Kaizer

So before we even look at her career as an Expresso field presenter, let's backtrack a bit and look at some of the work Mosa has done in the past.


We'd like to think that Mosa's real passion and calling is in filmmaking and being an actress, after all, she did graduate at the University of the Witwatersrand with an honours degree in film and television.

Mosa Kaizer

She has also acted in comedy-drama film - Uskroef noSexy as Sexy Mashishi and various other films and local shows. But before she began cashing in on those film cheques, Mosa was also one of the children that featured on Takalani Sesame a few years back.

Radio presenter

Mosa is clearly a woman of many talents as she's also known for her radio broadcasting talent which she pursued whilst still studying and moulding her radio broadcasting talent at her campus radio station. The radio bug bit her and she moved on to pursue a radio broadcasting career on a number of radio stations as well after graduating.


TV Presenter

If you feel as though you've seen Mosa before in another television presenter search competition, then you're right.  Last year she auditioned for E- entertainment's The Search competition which was eventually won by Kat Sinivasan. But that did not stop her from continuing to audition for more TV presenter competitions, now look where she is.


Keep an eye on this young lady guys, we have a feeling that in the next years to come, she will do a lot of amazing things in the entertainment industry.

Mosa kaiser1

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Mosa_KaiserSA