Master KG's Bolt Trip Ends In Tears

His S20 Ultra and iPhone are nowhere to be seen

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Almost everyone has a Bolt Driver story to share and it's always a bad story because Bolt trips always end in tears. The e-hailing company's drivers are notorious for being sketchy, rude and have even been accused of being part of the growing human trafficking syndicate in the country.

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Master KG Tweeted in a series of Tweets that uya pain.elwa after he forgot his two cellphone devices in a Bolt Taxi, both devices could well cost him over R40 K combined, so we clearly understand if he is distressed. An S20 Ultra and iPhone don't come very cheap at all.

"I forgot my two phones inside @Boltapp_za and the guy dropped me off And immediately when I realized my phones are not wit me..I tried calling they guy phone.and it was off..5hours later it was on he says he did private trips they might have taken my phones.mxm eish phone tsaka..

"And the guy says he switched his phone off immediately after dropping me..coz he was tired mxm eish"
When the Jerusalema hit-maker realised that he had forgotten his devices, he quickly alerted the driver but all he got was a voicemail, this is a classic move that many have experienced with Bolt. The cellphone devices are probably already being sold on the "Black Market" and waiting for their new owner. His fans tried to console him but it's not easy consoling someone who just lost, not one but two cellphones. Most Tweeps had nothing good to share about the e-hailing service though.

"Never use bolt, they don't prioritize security. Rather use Uber, it's way better."

"I used taxify/Bolt once n i lost my phone, fell out of my pocket, but when i called the phone was off, compared to Uber they make sure whatever u drop in the car it comes back to u"

"I really don't understand why people keep using Bolt.... That is the crappiest most unprofessional and most of all most the un-safest service you can ever use in SA all for a R15 difference in payment. Yho hay ninezinto nani"
Poor Master KG has enjoyed so much success and brought nothing but good vibes for the country, you would expect the Bolt driver to at least keep his phones for him. We guess, with success comes some ups and downs too, this was his. But if he can afford a brand new car, definitely can afford another two devices with the money he is making at the moment. At least that should console him.

Do you think Master KG should expose the Bolt driver so that other riders know who he is?

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